Arbitration Chamber of Georgia

Alternative and fair dispute resolution

Our history and goals

Arbitration Chamber of Georgia

Georgian Arbitration Chamber Ltd was incorporated in 2005 to offer alternative and fair dispute resolution opportunities to parties to civil and business transactions.

From the very first day of our activity, we set it as our goal to provide highly skilled professional legal services to guarantee legal and fair hearings. We are committed to making sure that time, the most precious commodity in business, is not wasted in vain on years-long legal disputes and court hearings and that our clients secure a speedy, efficient and fair resolution of disputes through arbitration.

We are proud of the outcomes of our practice, as we serve our clients and cherish the trust from banks, financial institutions, trade and transportation companies, entities involved in the oil business, insurance companies, etc.

Recommended Arbitration Agreement

Any dispute, disagreement or claim arising from this Agreement and the accessory agreements relating to this Agreement concerning its validity, expiry, termination, repudiation and their consequences (including the application of injunctive reliefs) as well as the matters concerning the validity and existence of the Arbitration Clause provided in this paragraph shall be referred for hearing and final resolution to Arbitration Chamber of Georgia Ltd (ID number 205267389), to the jurisdiction of which the parties hereby irrevocably submit.
The Arbitration shall hear the dispute in accordance with its Regulations.
Depending on its complexity, any case shall be heard by the Arbitration comprising one or three arbitrators. The arbitrators are appointed and their number is determined by the Arbitration.

The parties further undertake to give the Arbitration a notice of any change in address and/or actual location. Otherwise, the Arbitration will send correspondence to the address specified in this Agreement and such correspondence (including the bundle, notice of certain arbitration proceedings, orders, the Award, etc.) shall be deemed to have been served (with any pertaining legal implications).


Our Team

Mamuka Ghviniashvili

Director, Chairperson of the Standing Arbitration

Mamuka Ghviniashvili has been practicing law for over 20 years. At different times, he has served in a variety of capacities, including as Head of the Supreme Court of Georgia Chamber for Civil, Entrepreneurial and Bankruptcy Cases, Assistant Judge for Gardabani District Court, and Lawyer for United Georgian Bank.
Mamuka Ghviniashvili has extensive practical experience in civil and administrative law.
He is a practicing lawyer and a member of the Georgian Bar Association. He is also a doctoral student at Grigol Robakidze University, has authored a number of of research papers and scholarly articles, and participated in a variety of conferences and trainings.

Lali Gochelashvili

Member of Arbitration

Lali Gochelashvili has been a practicing lawyer since 1991. She has served as a judge for Kutaisi District Court and the Supreme Court of Georgia. Prior to her appointment as a judge, Lali Gochelashvili led Kutaisi Branch of Young Lawyers' Association.
She was also a member of the Georgian Bar Association and served as a civil law expert for GTZ (German Technical Cooperation) Judicial Reform Group.
Since 2006, she has been the Managing Partner of Khachidze and Gochelashvili Consulting Group JLC and the Chairperson of the Standing Arbitration of the same company. She is a practicing lawyer and a member of the Georgian Bar Association.

Giorgi Sulakadze

Member of Arbitration

Giorgi Sulakadze has been practicing law since 1997. At different times, he has served in a variety of capacities for the High Council of Justice of Georgia, the Ministry of Justice, and Internews Network (NGO).
He served as a judge for Tbilisi City Court for ten years. Simultaneously he served as an instructor at Ivane Javakhishvili State University, Ilia State University, and Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA).
Giorgi Sulakadze has extensive experience in international, civil and administrative law.
He is a practicing lawyer and a member of the Georgian Bar Association. He has actively participated in various conferences and trainings.

Year 2007

13 cases

Year 2008

144 cases

Year 2009

192 cases

Year 2010

103 cases

Year 2011

135 cases

Year 2012

136 cases

Year 2013

59 cases

Year 2014

44 cases

Year 2015

127 cases

Year 2016

113 cases

Year 2017

154 cases

Year 2018

636 cases

Year 2019

983 cases

Year 2020

433 cases

Costs of hearing

The amount of arbitration fee shall be calculated from the value of the subject of dispute and account for:

5% of the subject of dispute but not less than GEL 100, gross of VAT
GEL 500 plus 4% of the value of the subject of dispute in excess of GEL 10 001, net of VAT
GEL 4 100 plus 2% of the subject of dispute in excess of GEL 100 001, net of VAT
GEL 12 100 plus 1.5% of the subject of dispute in excess of GEL 500 001, net of VAT
GEL 19 600 plus 0.5% of the subject of dispute, net of VAT
GEL 30 000, gross of VAT
GEL 150, net of VAT, for any application for security of Arbitration Claim and any application for injunctive relief